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The Concept Of 'The Mask' became very necessary because he wanted to do something so unique and bizzare to enable him get instant attention when he released his album…In the actual fact,his budget to promote his album by then was too small so he wanted something that could 'massively explode' his appearance onto the music arena at the single click of his small budget...For short,he only wanted a 'short cut ' to popularity..hence the mask concept..

And it did really worked…So, fortunately or rather unfortunately, the real identity of Le Maxque will be very difficult to be known by the masses and of course his loyal fans world wide as the image now stands out as his show biz image...consequently making him invisible when he 'unmask' to live a normal private life like any other...interesting..isn't it ?..But then,without the mask,the singer is humble,kind,romantic,intelligent,high sense of humor..yet daringly innovative young man.

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