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Born in Ghana, with Togolaise parental background, Le Maxque grew up in a music family.At the age of 15, Le Maxque became a traditional music group dance teacher, the indigenous agbaja dance that came along with the Ayigbe Clan years ago to settle in Ghana; specifically in the Volta region part of which has now become a territory of Republic of Togo.His determination to become a musician was soon diverted when a strong financial stringency hit his family and he could not fund his solo album.This was at the time when he was in his final years in school.As a result, he traveled overseas to seek greener pastures.His journey took him across Asia and Europe.Life wasn’t so quick to respond to his call as he thought.But during all these though times, he equipped himself with skills of local music of the countries he found himself in and was able to create his own repertoires out of their local rhythms.Consequently, Le Maxque developed a unique rhythm that has separated his style from the rest …

After over ten years of investing intense creativity into his songs, Le Maxque in May 2008,finaly released the long awaited solo album ‘Elavanyo’.The track which means 'It Shall Be Well' was an instant hit.His first music videos Elavanyo & Amelevi Remix was a break through for Le Maxque in Togo. The reason was not only the songs but the mask concept itself.Within the shortest possible time, Le Maxque became a household name in Togo.His style of indigenous-traditional blended Agbaja,Brekete and other local ayigbe  rhythms is innovative.
Le Maxque is seen fearlessly-determined to make the ayigbe people round the world very proud by lifting up their local village rythyms onto the world chats while still mentaining all it rich traditional and indigenous rythymic values .

'The Leopard is fearless, and will always find the meal its looking for,no matter what'
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